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What is ripe when

When to find your favorite variety

Viking Apples.jpeg


Beautiful and aromatic

Ripening date: Mid to late August

Color: Dark maroon with white or light green background

Uses: Fresh eating, baking, sauce

Juicy and rich, with slight acidity, Viking apples retain their flavor when cooked.  It was developed in Illinois.



Multi-purpose apple

Ripening date: late August

Color: Red with yellow background

Uses: fresh eating, baking, sauces

Mollies Delicious is a cross of Golden Delicious, Gravenstein, and two lesser-known varieties.  It is sweet and firm.  Some describe it as having an aromatic flavor.

wealthy apples.jpeg


An heirloom favorite

Ripening date: Labor day

Color: Red with green background

Uses: baking, multi-purpose

Wealthy is an old apple variety, selected from naturally crossed apples in Minnesota in 1860.  It is believed to be the first commercial apple to survive in Minnesota. 

It’s an excellent baker and makes pink applesauce.  It is crisp and juicy with a complex, slightly tart flavor.



Everyone's favorite

Ripening date: early September

Color: Red with yellow background

Uses: fresh eating, baking

Honeycrisp is a very popular eating apple.  It was developed in Minnesota. Both of its parent trees are growing in our orchard- Honeygold and Macoun.

Our own Honeycrisp trees are young and are just starting to produce, so you-pick customers may not find many on the trees. In our store we sell Honeycrisp apples which we harvest from another local orchard.



Makes light pink sauce

Ripening date: Mid to late September

Color: Red

Uses: Eating fresh, baking, and sauce

The Cortland is related to the better known Macintosh apple and is crisp and has a nice balance of sweetness and tartness.  It is known for its white flesh that is slow to yellow. It’s beautiful deep red skin makes a light pink sauce. The variety was developed in New York.

Honey Gold.jpeg


Like a Golden Delicious

Ripening date: Late September

Color: yellow with red blush

Uses: fresh eating, sauce, baking


Honeygold is one of the parent trees of the well-known Honeycrisp apple and was also developed in Minnesota.  Honeygold is a cross between a Golden Delicious and Haralson.  The apple is crisp and juicy with an excellent sweet flavor.   

Red Sharron.jpeg

Red Sharon

A rare find

Ripening date: Late September

Color: Red Striped

Uses: Fresh eating


Sharon is a cross between Macintosh and Longfield. It was developed at the Iowa State Agriculture Experiment Station and was released in 1906. It is sweeter and firmer than Macintosh. It stores really well. We only have one Red Sharon tree, so it is usually available for only a short window in the fall.

Red apple with russeting


Cracks when you bite into it

Ripening date: early October

Color: Red striped

Uses: Baking, fresh eating, cider pressing

Haralson is a cross between Wealthy (also grown on our orchard) and Malinda apple varieties.  It was developed by the University of Minnesota and introduced in 1913.  It is a grandparent of Honeycrisp.

It is firm and juicy with a tart flavor.  It bakes well and is a top choice for cider pressing.  It also stores well.

Burgundy apples on a branch


Is it a plum?

Ripening date: Mid-October

Color: Deep burgundy

Uses: Fresh eating, juice/cider, sauce

Spartan is a child of McIntosh.  It was developed in Canada and introduced in 1926.  It’s most distinctive quality is its color.  If cooked with the skins on, it makes a beautiful deep pink applesauce. It is also a preferred variety for cider pressing.



Big and delicious!

Ripening date: Mid-October

Color: Green with red blush

Uses: Fresh eating, baking, sauce, freezing

Fireside is offspring of the well-known McIntosh, and is a wonderfully sweet and crunchy eating apple.  Customers also rate it highly for sauce and dehydrating, and it stores well. It is crisp and juicy with slightly yellow flesh. ireside was developed by the University of Minnesota and released in 1917.



Better than Honeycrisp

Ripening date: Mid-October

Color: Red

Uses: Fresh eating and baking


Regent is offspring of Red Delicious and was developed by the University of Minnesota and released in 1963. 

It is crisp and juicy with a light, sweet flavor. We wait until we've had a hard frost to harvest it, because that seems to bring out the flavor. The fruit stores well over winter and is a great baking apple. 


Rhode Island Greening

One of the oldest American apples

Ripening date: Mid-October

Color: Green

Uses: Baking

Rhode Island Greening is one of the oldest known American apples. It has been known of since the 1650s.

Baking brings out its full flavor. It is tart, but gets sweeter after it has been stored a while, making it a nice eating apple. It can keep for three months or more in the fridge. We just have two trees, so availability may be limited.

NW Greening.jpg

Northwest Greening

Locally Grown

Ripening date: Mid-October

Color: Greenish yellow

Uses: Pies and applesauce


Northwestern Greening originated in Wisconsin in 1872.  It is considered to be an heirloom variety, because it resulted from a natural cross between two apple trees.

It has a balanced flavor that is slightly tart.  It is a favorite for baking and makes very thick sauce.

We just have one tree, so availability may be limited.

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