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Darin and Arlene Enderton

The Endertons


Darin and Arlene reopened the orchard after several years of being closed. They have operated the orchard since 2013 and owned it since 2014.

Darin started orcharding when working at the Ames ISU Horticulture research farm while studying horticulture. He went on to get his masters degree in horticulture at the University of Missouri, doing research on Chinese chestnuts. He later served overseas with the Central Asia Harvest Project, which trains aspiring apple farmers. Darin loves spinach and eggs, drives a 1991 Chevy S10, and believes in miracles.

Arlene grew up on a diversified farm near Fertile, Iowa. She met Darin when studying agronomy and biochemistry at  ISU, but at the time thought he was too quirky to date. She served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic for five years, gardening with children and opening a women's center. She likes to cook, her favorite animals are sheep, and she loves it when people drop in unannounced, especially to eat.

Darin and Arlene married in 2011. They have three sons, ages 7, 4 1/2, and 2. You are likely to see them when you visit.