Pre-pay 5-gallon bucket pick-your-own

Pre-pay 5-gallon bucket pick-your-own

During COVID-19 we are selling pick-your-own apples by volume (not weight), so you don't have to weigh your apples after picking. This will reduce the number of people handling your apples and reduce wait time in the store.


Bring your own bucket from home to receive a discount. Or get a bucket from the gray shed where we are keeping supplies for pick your own.


A five gallon bucket holds approximately 1/2 bushel, or 20 to 22 pounds of apples.


When you arrive, show Apples on the Avenue staff your receipt or give them your name, and then right out and pick!


Photo credit: Linda Todd 2017


    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase from Apples on the Avenue we will be happy to replace the item or give you your money back.

    If you pick an apple in the orchard and decide you don't want it, please bring it to the store, or place it in the bucket at the north side of the rows in the orchard.


    Sometimes you think you have picked the perfect apple, but once you pick it you see that it has insect damage, a crack, or another abnormality. That is okay. You may leave unwanted apples in the buckets near each row or bring them to the store. We can take back unwanted apples and clean them for processing. We appreciate your help in reducing waste!


    You may pick any apple you like in the orchard, but different varieties come ripe at different times. To see when your favorite variety is ripe, please check our Pick Your Own page.

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