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Are you trying to choose the right variety of apple for your needs? There are many to choose from. There are heirloom varieties that have been around for hundreds of years and apple growers are constantly creating new varieties to meet consumer tastes.

Pick your own

Experience the orchard yourself

How much does it cost to pick my own?

All varieties cost the same

1/2 peck (5 lbs): $10 

1 peck (10 lbs): $18

1/2 bushel (20 lbs): $32

1 bushel (40 lbs): $56


When is the best time to pick my own?

You may pick your own any day we are open. Each variety comes ripe at a different time, so check our apple varieties page to see when your favorite apple comes ripe. We tend to have several varieties to choose from mid-September through the end of October

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Weights and Approximate Typical Processed Yields of Apples

If you have this much fresh apples:

You should get this much...

Commonly made products

Canned or frozen (quarts)

Canned or frozen (pints)

1 bushel
(42-48 lbs)
(85 to 95 apples)

1 bushel = 12 to 15 qt. canned applesauce (no sugar added), 14 - 18 with sugar

1 bushel = 10 to 12 qt. juice

12 - 16 quarts

28 - 36 pints

3 lbs.

1 quart applesauce

1 quart

2 pints

8 medium apples = 2.25 lbs1 nine-inch apple pie
3 cups of applesauce

1 peck = 10 to 14 lbs1 peck makes = 3 or 4.5 qts. canned applesauce (no sugar added), 3.3 to 5.5 with sugar

1 peck makes 2.5 to 3.5 qt. juice

3 or 4.5 qts. canned applesauce

1/2 peck = 5 to 7 lbsEat them fresh.  Too few to make anything  

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