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Pick your own

Experience the orchard yourself

We have completed harvest for 2021. Pick you own apples will be available again in 2022!

How do I get started with You Pick?

Bring a clean bucket, ice cream pail, basket or bushel crate or box from home to pick into (or get a container or bag from us). When you arrive at the orchard stop at the store to get a map. Picking poles, wagons, bags, boxes, and buckets are available in the supply building. Pick your apples.

This year, due to COVID-19, we would like everyone to pick into a container which they can take home, so we don't have to transfer apples, to minimize the number of people who touch the apples.

We are also offering customers the option to pre-pay their you-pick apples online. If you prepay, show us your receipt upon arrival or give us your name, get a map, and proceed to pick- no need to check out with us.

How much does it cost to pick my own?

All varieties cost the same.


Because of COVID 19, this year we will sell apples by volume (not by the pound), so we won't have to weigh the apples:


1/2 peck (approx. 5 lbs): $10

1 peck: $18

5 gallon pail: $30*

Bushel box: $46*

*$2 discount if you bring your own 5-gallon pail or bushel box/crate

When is the best time to pick my own?

You may pick your own any day we are open. Each variety comes ripe at a different time, so check our apple varieties page to see when your favorite apple comes ripe. We tend to have several varieties to choose from mid-September through mid-October.